Friday, 5 June 2015

Entertainment Magazine In India - All About Bollywood

In India, Bollywood means entertainment. Bollywood act as a good source of fun and entertainment. Every week Bollywood makes a movie for the entertainment of the people.  If we go outside we will found Bollywood everywhere from TV ads magazines to fizzy drinks and other products.
For the entertainment of the people Bollywood plays a vital role for the entertainment of the people. Due to changing generation people don’t have the time to watch movies and Television. To ease out this Bollywood issued their magazines which provide a information on the daily basis. Now either going to office or going anywhere by train, people can easily get the magazines and get the daily updates and happening all over the world in Bollywood.  With the help of the entertainment magazines people can now spend free time by getting interesting and latest updates. These magazines are available in many languages for the convenience of the people who are from various regions such as Telugu, English, Hindi, Marathi etc. Some of the names of the Bollywood magazines include Isha Lakshmi, grihalakshmi
The entertainment magazine in India offers content with great insights, thoroughness, accuracy, and an all-rounded view on several subjects, including Bollywood, lifestyle, arts, entertainment, travel, and health for the education and entertainment for the public. You can also get up with the latest updates from Hollywood, Bollywood, regional film industries and funny news and comedy of Bollywood happening across the India.

We know that almost 30 % of Indian population are below poverty line. They are unable to afford a TV or go to PVR to watch a movie. Bollywood or entertainment magazines act as a great entertainer for them. They get all the updates about the Bollywood from these magazines.

We can also read about gossips through these magazines.  Gossips are about the affairs of different actors and actresses, their likes, their conflicts with one another can be known from these magazines. Whereas some others may be related to any big or small criminal activity committed by a Bollywood actor intentionally. Divorce cases of some actors also fall under the same category. An instance can be taken, that some days back some of the actors were caught for hunting animals. Moreover, their daily activities are often the subject of gossip. For instance, what an actor did in a party, who misbehaved with whom? What they wore in the fashion shows, jealousy between actresses and many other like these also fall under the category of gossip. All these subjects of entertainment can be get from these book

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