Friday, 10 April 2015

Entertainment Magazine In India - All About Bollywood

The Mayapuri group had its inception over a 100 years ago. In 1882 the group was started in Lahore ( then in undivided Punjab) under the name of the Arorbans Press. The torchbearer of this group Shri A.P Bajaj took the group to new heights by making innovations in the field of media by expanding his printing facilities and launching first children’s magazine “Lotpot”, which proved to be a big success. Close upon its heels followed the launch of first weekly Hindi film magazine “Mayapuri” which proved to be even a bigger success.

Mayapuri has the distinction of being the oldest and largest circulated Hindi film weekly of India with a  circulation of a staggering  3, 40, 000 per week. It has accrued fame as being one of the most popular entertainment magazine in India. The 1970 and 1980 issues are now considered vintage and hold distinct value. Mayapuri Hindi film magazine provides the Mirch Masala of the Hindi film industry.

The magazine is full of glossy images pertaining to the film industry.  It plays to the gallery of millions of star  struck readers for whom just the celluloid presence of the stars is not sufficient.  They would like a sneak peek into their most private lives and views. These stars provide inspiration for the masses and every aspect of their lives is scrutinized with interest.

With the advent of the internet, the Mayapuri magazine has made itself digitally available to its star hungry audiences. Videos, film clips and live interviews make this a much more entertaining experience than the printed weekly.

It therefore becomes easy for fans to glean information about the stars they adulate. It also enables the magazine to disseminate breaking news and current affairs relating to Bollywood to its audiences. Bollywood breaking news and cat fights make great human interest stories. Their mix of gossip and news conveys the very essence of Bollywood.

After a hard day’s grind, people want to escape into the colorful world of Bollywood. Mayapuri Film Magazine is here to show the way.

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