Monday, 18 May 2015

Checkout Mayapuri for Hindi Film Magazine

Forty year old film weekly, Mayapuri has a national presence and a readership abroad. It is the pulse of fans in India as well as across the world. The magazine brings you interviews, gossip, a sneak peak at the secret lives of the stars, critics comments and all it takes to make a block buster bollywood film magazine. It is not only a favourite with the readers but with the industry luminaries as well. Superstars, directors , producers and music directors all read the magazine with interest. Films may win or lose but mayapuri has been a winner for over 40 years. It not only covers Bollywood but TV serials as well. It has a grip on the world of celluloid. It is a foremost Bollywood Film Magazine of its times.

It is the oldest and most widely circulated weekly in India with an avid  circulation  of 3,40,000 readers a week. It has gained the distinction of being the  most popular entertainment  magazine in India. The 1970 and 1980 editions are considered vintage pieces and are now a collectors item.

The Hindi film magazine is full of attractive glossy pictures that attract the reader. It feeds the curiosity of millions of star struck fans for whom the celluloid presence of the hero’s is not enough. It provides a sneak peak into their most secret lives and views. The lives of the actors and their successes provides inspiration to millions of readers and leaves them enthralled.

More recently, the Mayapuri film magazine has made itself digitally available to star hungry readership. This shas a definite edge over the printed weekly as it provides live intervies, video clips and live profiles of the actors.

It also makes it possible for Mayapuri to immediately disseminate  breaking news about Bollywood to its readers. Thus brawls and catfights within the industry are reported with the usual Bollywood Mirch masala and make interesting reading.

Mayapuri also covers sports heros and TV serials faithfully. Its recent covergae of Salman Khans hit and run trial case has been riveting. Deepika Padukone's depression and controversial new video has been brought to the readers with sensitivity.

Heres to many decades ahead of Mayapuri star gazing! The Mayapuri Film magazine  is the voice of Bollywood.

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